Vinti Couture was established in February of 2012 by owner & Creative Director, Gayle Love Jones, and later in June 2020 with the assistance of the phenomenal Jacqueline Junior. If you're looking for a sense of normalcy, then Vinti Couture is not for you.  Vinti Couture represents black cultural pride within its handcrafted earrings & accessories. Vinti Couture is Afrocentric, Bold & unapologetic. The pieces created make a statement, teach history and bring awareness to many different social qualities and movements

"I have a love for everything Art, Travel, Afrocentric, History and social equality which reflect within my pieces. I want my pieces to not only mean something, but to "teach" something which is reflected in my designs and piece names. I want my pieces to captivate and embrace The Power of Colour! I need my brand to authentically represent me & my business; to reflect my values & confidence. Creating has always been my passion, be it my son's infamous Halloween costumes every year, every day diy projects, you name it! I live to see a person's mind come alive in their work. I Thank God for giving me the vision & the passion to create.  As Vinti Couture continues to grow & cultivate into its own, I sincerely appreciate each & every one of my customer's support, love and admiration for what once was merely just a thought! Pursuing your passion no matter how trivial is a joy known like no other." - Gayle

"In loving memory of Jacqueline Junior" 

Forever in our hearts & forever a part of our story


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