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Vinti Couture features Afro Punk Wearable Art, established in February 2012 by owner & Creative Director, Gayle Love Jones. If you're looking for a sense of normalcy then respectfully, our brand is not for you.  All art pieces features are 100% handcrafted and unapologetically represents black cultural pride. A lot of our pieces are created to make a statement, teach history and bring awareness to many different social qualities and movements

Vinti Couture pieces to not only mean something, but to "teach" something which is reflected in the creative designs and product names which captivate and embrace The Power of Colour!


As Vinti Couture continues to grow & cultivate into its own, we sincerely appreciate each & every one of our customer's support, love and admiration for what once was merely just a thought! Pursuing your passion no matter how trivial is a joy known like no other.

"In loving memory of Jacqueline Junior" 

Forever in our hearts & forever a part of our story

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